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Australia election: How climate is making Australia more unliveable

"It's devastating. The amount of time and effort you put in your home and then to see it go under water."

Australia election: How climate is making Australia more unliveable

Sam Bowstead is an architect who specialises in preparing houses to withstand natural disasters. But when floods engulfed his Brisbane home in February, he felt helpless.

"I've worked with people who've been in similar situations - now this happened to me," he says.

"I was shocked at how fast [the water] rose... more than a metre in a couple of hours. I went from being worried about our property to being worried about our safety."

In the end, a boat was the only way out.

Mr Bowstead's experience has become increasingly common for Australians.
In the past three years, record-breaking bushfire and flood events have killed more than 500 people and billions of animals. Drought, cyclones and freak tides have gripped communities.

Climate change is a key concern for voters in Australia's election on Saturday. So is the cost of living - and these issues are converging like never before.

Australia is facing an "insurability crisis" with one in 25 homes on track to be effectively uninsurable by 2030, according to a Climate Council report. Another one in 11 are at risk of being underinsured.