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Monkeypox virus alert in Europe and America

Cases of the monkey pox machine continue to rise, reported widely in the UK, Canada so far in the UK, Spain, USA and UK.

Monkeypox virus alert in Europe and America

Monkeypox has been detected so far in the UK, Spain, Portugal, the USA and Canada. It causes a disease that manifests itself with the skin on the face and the virus back in the person, manifesting itself and head-like. reported to have been detected.

Authorities. It well explains the magnitude of 5 of the 20 cases of monkeypox in Portugal, while the person thought of 23 of the monkeypox appears to have been identified in Madrid. While Canadian 15 monkey cases were examined, it was determined that the first monkeypox was detected in 1 person living in Massachusetts, USA. An example is the cap on the computer abroad prices of cases traveling with a male pet in the UK.

The United Health Safety Agency (UKHSA) has announced its investigations of exactly where and acquiring computers among people, noting that 7 out of 8 cases in the UK do not participate in travels on plans close to Africa. The UKHSA said it caught the virus in the UK and puts the virus down for public health at risk, it said.

Susan Hopkins, Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Health Security Agency, described the monkeypox virus as "rare and unusual". Epidemiologist Mateo Prochazka from UKHSA said that there are findings that the virus can be transmitted sexually. "What's even more bizarre is finding cases that appear to have contracted the infection through sexual contact. This is a new mode of transmission that will have implications for outbreak response and control. We recommend that anyone who notices any unusual rash on their body seek medical attention without delay," Prochazka said in a statement.